Series Information

Capital Intrigue

Book 1- END GAME


Book 3- Power Play (May 2021)

Atlanta Justice

Book 1-Deadly Proof

Book 2-Lone Witness

Book 3-Breach of Trust

Windy Ridge Legal Thriller

Book 1- Trial & Tribulations

Book 2-Fatal Accusations

Book 3- Surrounded by Darkness

Book 4 -Coming 2021

Danger in the Deep South

Book 1-Lethal Action

Book 2-Devoted Defender







12 responses to “Series Information”

  1. Vicki says:

    Just finished Deadly Proof. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t figure it all out until the very end.

  2. Lisa Cooper says:

    I have never read a full book before in my life. I picked up Deadly Proof at the library, omg it was finished in 2 weeks and then Lone Witness I finished 2 weeks later. I am obsessed! I can’t wait to read all of your books!

  3. Donna says:

    Is there another book to come in the Windy Ridge series? You left us hanging with the third one!

  4. donna peskopos says:

    I just finished the Atlanta Justice Series and all of the books are awesome.

  5. Rebecca Litton says:

    Will there be a third book coming out for the Danger in the Deep South series?

  6. Christina Johnson says:

    When is book 4 of The Windy Ridge series goin to be released?

  7. Jennifer Russell says:

    Absolutely loved deadly proof! Looking forward to reading lone witness!! Also saw Lynette Eason gave a great review on your books so I knew it would be a great read!! Keep up the amazing work!!

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