Out of Hiding

About the Book

Previously published with the same title, but different cover.

After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents as a child, Sadie Lane was placed into Witness Protection. Now as an adult, she has a thriving business as a private investigator, but her biggest case is yet to come. Sadie’s on the hunt to find the man who killed her parents—a brutal crime boss running a dangerous and corrupt syndicate.

Her quest for justice collides with FBI Special Agent Kip Moore who is targeting the organized crime network. Sadie can’t trust anyone with her secrets—even Kip, but she must work with him to get the killer who forever changed her life. Sadie must put her faith in Kip even when it seems impossible to trust anyone. The secrets of her past catch up to her when she stares into the eyes of the murderer. Can she keep her true identity secret long enough to bring the killer to justice?

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