False Prophet

About the Book

When an arsonist destroys Windy Ridge Community Church, Pastor Dan is shaken to the core. He calls on attorney Olivia Murray and her boyfriend Grant Baxter to help secure a place for worship services. Shockingly, the City of Windy Ridge denies the church’s application to use the civic center, and Olivia brings a lawsuit to protect the church’s constitutional rights.

During this already challenging time for the Windy Ridge community, an outside pastor decides to open a place of worship within the city limits. People begin flocking to the young charismatic preacher especially since Windy Ridge Community Church lost its building. Olivia worries that this new and radical approach to faith will lead people astray, but with each passing day, his popularity continues to grow.

When the police make a surprise arrest in the church arson, the battle lines are drawn across Windy Ridge. Alliances are shaken and relationships are tested like they’ve never been before. The forces of darkness are working overtime to shake the faith of the believers. Can Olivia and Grant stand up for their faith and prevail in the battle of good versus evil?

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